My journey with HHC has been an interesting one! I have had the pleasure to participate in 2 rounds and they were both successful in my eyes. Some may think different, but I will tell you why I still found success in my second round even though I did not lose the 10lbs I wanted, and my inches did not change that much.


Last round I was a stay at home mother of two, this round I was a full time working mom of two  It makes a very big difference! Meal prep and time for myself were not priorities this time around. But what I did come to realize is that regardless of how much time I had for myself I really, truly do love my family, how I am raising them, and most of all I love myself. I could be 169 or 164lbs and still love myself.
I now have a good knowledge in what I do need to do to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, and my first round of HHC gave me that solid base, the second round of HHC helped me realize that I love myself no matter what! With the second round of HHC I maintained, although that was not my original goal, but I still found success in maintaining. Over the summer I could of gained weight eating BBQ and indulging in fruity beer but instead I maintained, all because I was aware of what I was eating and how much physical activity I was or was not getting!


Thanks again to the team and family and HHC!