20160810_115214I am happily married and a typical mom shuttling my 3 kids around to sports and activities. Also a fully certified volunteer firefighter, president of my children’s parent council & enhancement societies, and still trying to be a good wife and keeping up with never ending house chores…busy busy! So busy I lost myself and what it takes to make me happy.  Until 3 years ago when I fell in love with fitness.  I was about to turn the big 3-0 and I set a small goal to burn a little fat!  Little did I know, that was just the beginning!

I started my journey, it has ups and downs along the way, but it is mine & I own it. When I was ready, I took a hard look at myself and my lack of confidence and decided to change. I took one set of before pictures and said goodbye to this body.  I came up with a solid plan. I bought myself a gym membership for accountability & started lifting: prepping my body for training, pushing my limits.  I just did it, one day at a time. Pretty soon I fell in love with the physical process but little did I know how the mental process would change me. Almost more than physical!20160810_115722

I have always been in decent shape, but I had about 20lbs to lose and a ton of muscle to gain.  My main goal before I turned 30 was to hit 8 weeks of solid training & shed a few pounds at the gym. Once I had accomplished this goal I was ready for the next step. So I set another, to complete my first 10km obstacle race. I changed my training program & pushed a little harder. at this time, I had surpassed my own expectation of what could accomplish and found a new self-worth, I had gained a new perspective on myself and had more confidence but my capability to gain those attributes where  placed in the aspect that competition drove me and not the drive to better myself. During this realization I had gained new friends, and lost others that were feeding my negative and destructive habits. That’s when I was able to join the hardcore hottie challenge because it had broadened my scope of acceptability into the fitness world.

I now have 3 HCH challenges under my belt. I have had the opportunity to work with individuals who had the same fitness goals as me but had different paths to get there. Conversing and talking with all this new influences made me realize that small goal setting in my busy lifestyle was going to save me. To have balance between me, my husband, my kids and my love for fitness. At this point my mentality had changed I was able to realize that everyone has different goals and different perspectives but in the end we all wanted the same thing to be fit and love ourselves for who we are. It was no longer a competition between me and the other people but a competition between me, myself and I. To push myself harder to strive for more reps to be able to be better than I was the week before and to love who I am for who I am no matter what others have to say. At times I still struggle and need support because that’s normal.  But I have to balance and that is gold to me. In the past three years I have accomplished so many things from physical to mental, it’s astonishing!!!  The HCH challenge’s helped me open my mind and help me and so many other women to be able to realize that the struggles that we face as women to have the perfect physics and slim body is not realistic. Slow and steady progress is what everyone should believe in!20160810_114750

What I have learned is every person is their own individual and everyone has different opinions. In the end the only opinion that matters are your own. But I am proud of all I have accomplished and I have ongoing goals to be better!  I love me now and the me i’m striving to be.

Believe in yourself, just do it!