Hey there Hotties!!  My name is Mary and I am a 49-year-old woman with a long history of yo-yo dieting and a love/hate relationship with exercise.  I started really packing on the pounds in my late 20’s.  I was focused on my education and getting a career started.  Long days, late nights, a little too much partying and very bad food choices led to a slow and steady weight gain.Comparisons 10 In the past few years I tried to become more active.  My boyfriend had deployed so I took the opportunity to “get healthy.”  Shortly after he left I was diagnosed with having had a TIA (mini-stroke).  I quit smoking and essentially starved myself for 10 months and lost about 65 pounds.  After a year the BF came home and retired from the military and my focus went from me to helping him transition.  Bad food choices and lack of exercise crept back in and within a year I gained back much of what I had lost.  I had no idea how to maintain or balance.

Some friends of mine had been following Fit Bitch/WLR on Facebook and thought I might like the page too.  They were right.  I joined my first HCH after months of following the page but never really interacting.  My thinking was that, at my age, if I didn’t find a healthy and sustainable way to get the weight off and start focusing on me it was just going to get to more difficult.  To be honest – I didn’t have a lot of faith that I could change but figured what the hell. Full Body


Obar and the leaders brought a lot of energy and information to the group – every day I felt like I was making progress.  The humor, camaraderie and attitude of the other members was incredible.  Who knew that following macros and eating real food would be they key to success where starvation and deprivation failed?  Crazy!  Obar also helped me work around my physical limitations to start making some positive fitness strides even with a tendon deficiency in an ankle.

Between then and HCH 10, that tendon blew out completely and I needed surgery to reconstruct much of the ankle just before the challenge began.  I was on the fence about signing up for HCH 10 – but Obar developed a fitness program that I could to during my 8-week non-weight bearing recovery and a number of exercises I could add as I was able.  I was really focused on the macros since I could only really control what went in my mouth.  The other Hotties and the leaders were unbelievable…so supportive and caring … they kept me from sitting on my ass feeling sorry for myself.  Thanks to them I was able to lose about 18.5 pounds and just over 14 inches during the 12-week challenge.
    Three words for you – Trust the process!!