Many first time clients and Hardcore Hottie members come to us with current diets or coming off diets that have had them eating very little to try and lose fat.

In a lot of cases, we have to mentally and physically adjust them so we can give their body what it needs to be able to perform better. Burning fat is a body function but your body doesn’t function well without proper amounts of fuel, just like your car doesn’t drive without proper amounts of gas, oil, and other fluids.

You want to be able to eat as much as possible at the START of your fat loss journey WHILE still losing fat.

Do NOT under eat!!! 

If you do, you’re at risk of:

  1. Fucking up your metabolism so that you’ll hit a plateau quickly and then be left with nowhere to go!!
  1. Experience unnecessary hunger, cravings and mood swings on which makes the journey more challenging and miserable.
  1. Lose muscle tissue as your body falls into a deep catabolic state. Muscle is the engine that can help drive your metabolism.
  1. Chronically raise Cortisol UP due to unnecessary stress which is known to make fat loss more difficult and the body a more catabolic environment.

This is all bad news!

Focus on gradual positive changes weekly and trust the process.

We often have Hottie & Rebel Members mention that when they start the challenge are eating more than usual while losing weight! Great sign as we are boosting their metabolism, giving us more room to play in the long run, as well as ensuring they are getting in the proper amounts of nutrients to support overall health which is always the main priority.
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