Are you a person that stresses gaining weight over the holidays? If you are, that’s not uncommon, but I want to write this as I feel it’s very important information, and will be helpful for years to come. The science isn’t changing anytime soon.

We are all trying to do our best and don’t want to gain a bunch of weight, but I don’t think it’s very fun to show up to a party or dinner and not be able to touch food because you’re on a “diet”. That’s a bullshit way to live!!
Thanksgiving is the time that people fall into 2 main groups:

  1. The (majority) group of people that have trouble sticking to their guns. They end up getting pumpkin pie wasted and gain a bunch of weight.
  2. The other group falls into the “health freak” category that worries about meals, and obsessively turns down foods, which results in them having a shitty holiday season. Unless you have a competition coming up, there isn’t any reason to be like that.

WE want to fall in between the two groups above, but that is very hard to do unless you’re one of those rare humans that have self-control and willpower. I am not one of those people, however, I am good when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. That is why I wrote some strategies to help you have the best of both worlds when it comes to your physique and being able to enjoy some delicious foods.

So how are Rebels able to enjoy Turkey, gravy, stuffing, yams, and all kinds of pies without losing progress?

Here are our top strategies:

1)Eat smaller lighter caloric loads made up of lean protein and vegetables for a couple days before the planned event and then again the day after.

2)Train hard in the days before and after your feast. Even try to get in a workout that same day. Think of it as “emptying your fuel tank” before going to fill it up.

3)Drink lower calorie options instead of mixed drinks with tons of added sugars.

4)Budget before and after by following tip 1 for a few days ahead of the event, or between events.

5) Enjoy! Be Happy! Look forward to the family, friends, and special moments instead of only thinking about the food. Aka Don’t just focus on the food.

6) Eat what you like, and have waited all year for. Sure, it might be calorie dense, but that’s why you’ve put in the prep and work. Do you need to stuff yourself to where you can’t breathe? No. But sometimes the body likes some extra calories when it’s paired with a low stress environment.

7) Don’t weigh yourself for a week or so after you eat a big holiday meal. Your body will be holding more water than fat from the meals because of all the extra carbs and sodium. It’s pretty damn hard to actually put on 5lbs of fat over a couple holiday meals, but year after year you’ll hear people say that they gained 10-15lbs… about 10lbs of that is water and once you get back to usual habits, it will dissipate over the course of a week.


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