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Why should you be part of Weight Loss Rebels? Well, there are plenty of reasons below to answer that question. Scroll down and start reading to see what people have to say.

“There is so much information out there in regards to nutrition and weight loss. Weight Loss Rebels works, teaching us how to eat delicious and nutritious food has been a huge eye opener, with all of THOSE others that preach on about severe calorie deficits this has definitely put me on track to being healthier. The support is fabulous”

“The biggest thing I love about the Hardcore Hotties Challenge & something that was totally unexpected was the amazing support group! Not just Meg & the leaders & ambassadors (you guys are great btw), but the rest of the hotties! I felt like if I posted something I would get honest answers, great advice & the odd smart ass comment! The discussions on here were the same as I would have with my best girlfriends, except we would be drinking copious amounts of red wine! I thank all of you for the support & motivation! And also for making me feel like this was a safe place to air some very private issues! Thank you all so much!!!”

“I truly enjoy the program. The workouts and the eating plans are easy to follow. It gives you the flexibility to work with your life. It also has changed the way I talk to myself. Before I would look in the mirror and very negative thoughts will cross my mind. Now, I see a beautiful woman that is a work-in-progress. I have also freed myself from all previous yoyo diet dumb choices. Now if I want bacon I will have a slice I will eat it and not feel guilty. My changes have not been so much physical but mental. Thanks Meg! I love your candid comments, and your fresh and real perspective on weight loss and fitness.”

“I’m a fitness professional so I’m always seeking new information. It blows me away what some fitness professionals share. Meg is always spot on with what I believe and she does so much research that I often find myself growing and stepping up my game with the information shared. I Love Meg and her direct, blunt ways. Super legit!”

“I have been following your page since mid-January. The information you post about what is in our food, the dangers of dieting, has really opened my eyes. I have made some very simple changes to my diet and started very basic exercise and have already lost 10lbs since then. I have been following your advice with regard to weighing in and measuring every 2 weeks and focusing on introducing more whole foods into my family’s diet. I have a long way to go, but you are very inspiring and I look forward to seeing what you do next.”

I’ve just recently started following you on FB and have been super impressed with your knowledge and “no-shit” way of getting your thoughts across. As a personal trainer, it often feels like an uphill battle, re-educating clients about exercise and nutrition, so I’ve found your posts very refreshing! Over the past several weeks, your motivational “rants” have even inspired me to work that little bit harder and eat that little bit better.

“I want to say how much Meg (Fit Bitch) has changed my life in the short time I have been following her page. She gave me amazing advice about metabolism and helped me find an amazing trainer (Bree). She knows her shit and gives it to you straight up without extra information to make it confusing. Meg is very good at getting the message across. I was lost about fitness and eating properly. I was one of the sheep that believed the wrong information about cardio, low fat and low calorie diets to lose weight. Meg gave me my light bulb moment and I will be forever grateful. Meg is the shit, I love her. J”

“Meg is the “Scared straight” program of fitness and weight loss. I was drugged on 70 min of cardio per day. I was drugged on challenging myself to eat less and less each day. After the initial loss of 35 pounds, and plateau-ing for a year, I knew that something was wrong and I needed to do something.

I found Fit Bitch. And took to heart and learned a lot from Meg. She tells it straight, without sugar coating, without coddling. Oft times in your face, but always dead on. Her methods are researched both by reading the current scientific materials available, but also in her own lifestyle. She does what she preaches (or thumps on thick heads).

I am now focusing on weight training (with some cardio…I can’t give it all up) and eating right. The scale has moved downwards again. Since having found Meg and changing my cardio/self starvation addicted ways, I am thrilled to see results again!”

“This is an amazing program and Meg is an amazing person.  I was so tired of reading all of those books about weight loss and diet plans.  It felt like reading a textbook and trying to figure out what the point is.  Meg has lived through it.  She knows what it is like to be discontented with your body figure and appearance.  She gives it to you straight and does not beat around the bush.  Her methods are easy to follow but at the end of the day, like Meg says, it is all about how bad you want it for yourself.  The principles are basic and common sense, I already feel the difference.  It is amazing how when you start to follow the advice Meg gives you, even though you may not see the difference right away you can definitely feel the energy in your body increase.  She is an amazing woman and definitely a source of inspiration for me.”

“Meg lives her own advice! If I had to choose one thing I have put into practice since coming across this particular Fit Bitch is to “EAT REAL FOOD”, that simple advice changed my life. I am becoming healthier by the day, smaller, and inspired by the knowledge that I will feel great for life, because this is for life. My focus has shifted from constant sugar binges and ashamed of my body to being fit and strong in body and mind…Meg speaks a clear easy to understand language…she does not simply say “do it because it works”, she explains clearly “why” something works. Common sense reigns supreme! Meg has inspired me, a 40 year old woman to become healthier, fitter and stronger than I have ever been in my life…With the knowledge she shares…I am doing it!!!”

“Since I was very first referred to Meg’s page from a friend, her words of realistic, non sugar coated wisdom have been essential to my journey. Her progress makes you want to achieve more, and her knowledge that she happily shares gives you the tools to make that a reality. For myself, and a lot of women, it’s easy to fall off the wagon. Meg’s advice serves up a realistic approach I can actually stick to, that doesn’t involve starvation, processed frozen meals, diet pills or supplements, and all the other gimmicks that belong in the trash. She speaks like us, for us! Thank you for changing my life!”

“This isn’t your average testimonial where I say “if you do this, or follow that, you will see amazing results”. If you want a no holds barred, real, thought provoking, ballsy approach to how to take your life back, talk to Meg. She is constantly learning and sharing. I think that’s what sets her apart. She won’t coddle you. But she will tell you how it is and give you the tools and information to need to start living your healthier, fit life, with a few giggles along the way.”

“Dear Meg, please don’t stop doing what you’re doing. I was drowning in a sea of fitness/clean eating information and landed on your Facebook page. Your no bullshit approach has helped me sort through all the crap, to make good choices. Since January, with clean eating, cardio and weight lifting I’m down 6lbs and 3 inches. Thank you for telling it like it is.”

My name is Laura and I am from Victoria, Australia. I have been following you keenly since I stumbled upon your page. I have two little boys, 3 and 1. I have always been up and down with my weight and have an all or nothing attitude to getting healthy. The problem with this, as you so often point out, is that doing a shit load of cardio is not helping me achieve my weight loss goals. When I’m doing the cardio I eat like a rabbit and when I’m not I eat like a pig. I have now been trying to do weight circuits at home (we are on one wage and I can’t afford a gym membership). I love the thought of hell no cardio! I am now trying to eat “clean” and am making changes slowly, as you have suggested, next to take out of my diet is diet Coke (after reading your post today). I am so inspired by your transformation, passion for fitness and bad ass attitude. I want to be a good example for my boys and get my husband off his ass too.”

“I’ve followed a ton of fitness pages in the past and I find Fit Bitch to be so refreshing!!! I love the no bull shit attitude around fitness and nutrition. This page isn’t for people who need their hands held through every step. Meg tells it like it is, you need to work for what you want and educate yourself! I love that she can back up her comments with recent research!

Because of Fit Bitch I have started to lift heavy and train hard and I’ve noticed that not only my body is changing but so is my confidence, now I go to the gym and kick ass!

Thanks Meg you rock!!”

“I am absolutely inspired by your absolute non sugar coated posts and being so real and true to life.  I can relate to so much of your life as when my son was young my husband also traveled when he was a toddler.  Your hell no cardio plan has my full attention and I will be starting that next week. I myself am also a party girl and love dressing up sexy and going out drinking a few or twenty.  I am working on minimizing this behavior as well as eating clean and paying attention to labeling on food.  I find myself constantly quoting you to my husband and son as they also get a charge out of your frankness.”

“HAVE proven to work!  I’ve been an all out-balls out cardio’er for several years, with some good results, but have hit a plateau for the past year.  Granted, sugar is my worst enemy, and I’m realizing I need to stop sabotaging my own efforts!!!   So, I’ve been avoiding sugar like the plague and doing more weight training and as lot less cardio.  I’m down 5 lbs already and see a substantial difference in my body, even my husband and co-workers notice — in just 3 weeks!  Who’d a thunk?!?  I’m really enjoying not killing myself on the elliptical or running miles and having aches and pains and just weight training! I guess slow and steady does win the race!”



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