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The Weight Loss Rebels Programs


Above all else, Weight Loss Rebels is a community for ANYONE with an interest in fitness, fat loss, and general health. Whether you have 100 or more pounds to lose, or are an accomplished personal trainer; we welcome and encourage all to support, motivate, and inspire one another.

The beauty of Weight Loss Rebels is ultimately in its flexibility. NO rule is set in stone. If something isn’t working for you, change it. Through our online community and forum you have the ability to ask questions to other members and trainers, and also directly to Fit Bitch and the rebel leaders for input. Draw from an incredible pool of resources all while gaining friendship and receiving support. Take the opportunity to post progress pictures and discuss your journey; after all, we’re in this together.

As a member of Weight Loss Rebels you will never need to buy a pill or supplement, follow a strict set of rules, or drastically cut calories.

We also believe strongly that both your fitness and financial health are very closely related, and for that reason we have also included some tips and tricks for getting out of debt, budgeting, and saving for your financial future.

We invite you to take control of your life and your waistline, regain the confidence and unleash the power you already have within.


Check out our various program options below! 



For $15 a month you get access to the most comprehensive fat loss tools on the net. After signup, you’ll receive your how-to guide on creating your very own macronutrient profile directly to your inbox, complete with formulas! If at any point during your journey you need to ask a few questions, would like to discuss your program, or you need help troubleshooting an issue, members have exclusive access to our online forum that connects you directly with Fit Bitch and her crew of personal trainers.

Members also have access to Fit Bitch videos, blogs, recipes, workout downloads, and nutritional guides that you can’t find anywhere else!


By signing up for a full year, you’ll receive all the benefits of monthly membership at an awesome discounted rate! Save yourself the $30, we promise you (and your ass) won’t regret it!


If you need a little more guidance than downloadable meal programs provide, our completely customized nutrition programs are for you. Created exclusively for you and your goals, these programs are a sure fire way to build the foundation for a healthier future!


If you’re looking for a workout plan specifically made for you, our customized workout plans are what you need. They can be tailor made for the gym or at home and include all your cardio recommendations.


Our 12 week coaching package is the Cadillac of Weight Loss Rebels programs. Direct one on one support with either Meg Brown or Stephen Obar for the full 12 weeks, a custom nutrition and workout plan, weekly check ins, program tweaks, and accountability are all provided.

If you’re needing that little extra somethin’ somethin’ to get the fat loss flowin’, we present to you our 12 week Hardcore Hotties challenge series! This one of a kind challenge combines the most modern nutrition techniques with a customized workout plan created just for you by our team of personal training professionals. No gym membership? No problem. Our programs are created for you, using whatever equipment you have available. The challenge also includes prizes for the winners, weekly mini goals, and weekly check ins with your teammates and team leaders.

Get the kick ass one-two punch combo of Fit Bitch and OBARmuscle to create your ideal fitness program today. Subject to availability, please check the Join Page for exact dates.


Need a quick, easy read to get your fitness goals on track? Our downloadable programs are available for purchase directly from the website. These downloads are available for free to all of our members, so if you’re looking for extra support, make sure to sign up!



Membership Website Features

  • Member Forum

– Discuss all things Weight Loss Rebels and get answers to all your fitness related questions!

  • Meal Programs

– Downloadable meal and macronutrient plans, complete with formulas, examples, and an easy to understand Program!

  • Training Programs

– Downloadable training programs for the gym, or at home, for beginners or seasoned experts.

  • Videos

– Exclusive Fit Bitch Videos, Vlogs, as well as future live streams, webinars, and exercise library.

  • Recipes

– Tasty, healthy, and fun recipes brought to you by the best food bloggers on the net!

  • Exclusive Blog

– Fit Bitch Team shares their thoughts on a private member blog.

  • Budgeting Tools

– At Weight Loss Rebels we know finances are important! We’ve thrown in a few tools to help you stay on track with spending.

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