Saturday | May 30, 2020


Weight Loss Rebels – The Program Overview




The Weight Loss Rebels program focuses on making small, maintainable changes that add up to big losses. This program does not involve severe calorie restriction, extreme exercise programs, pills, or supplements. The program is divided into phases that can be repeated once a plateau in progress is reached. The objective is to do as little as possible to achieve maximum results. One of the major problems with most diet programs is that they change everything all at once, and by using all of your tools in the beginning you are left with nothing to change once you’ve reached a plateau in your progress. Be greedy with your calories and your energy expenditure!

There are 3 key phases that you will learn from us while following our programs. No matter the goal, the diet itself is based on:

Flexibility! Sustainability! And having fun!

The WLR 80/20 rule: a great way to keep your treats and still maximize fat loss is to eat 80% of the time from better nutritional choices, and 20% whatever you like. That may be 80% “cleaner foods” from the food lists provided, and 20% your own favorite choices.

This makes NOTHING off limits. In our experience we know that eliminating foods outright can create a strong desire for them and can lead to binges. By allowing all foods to be eaten in moderation we can work the consistency factor and succeed in getting continued health and physique results. Plus, who doesn’t like having a little chocolate every night?