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Registration is now open for our all new Rockin’ Rebel Challenge.

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How many of you have tried programs before and FAILED?

Even when you have the best information it can seem impossible to stay on track! We totally get it, so we’ve created a 12 week program that ties in all of the Weight Loss Rebels principles PLUS gives you the added bonus of accountability, motivation, and co-operation.

The 12 Rockin’ Rebel challenge offers up:

– A completely customized nutrition plan written by nutrition expert & fat loss specialist Stephen Obar.

– A completely customized workout program  (For the gym, or home, for any ability level).

– A private Facebook group for check ins, live chats, weekly topics & mini challenges, and where team members can offer each other support.

– Access to an arsenal of team leaders and certified professionals for the duration of the challenge.

– Finalists are given a spotlight on the blog and Facebook page with over 115,000 followers!

– Up to $500 for the most improved and most active participants.

It sounds awesome because it is! Our previous Hardcore Hottie Challenge participants have lost countless pounds and inches doing a program they actually like!

Now here’s the best part, getting a custom program created exclusively for you by professional certified personal trainers would usually cost upwards of $500, maybe even $1000. Our past Hardcore Hottie challenge is priced at an amazing $295! A killer bod and major lifestyle overhaul for a few hundred bucks? Yes please!

Winners of the challenge are eligible to win up to $500, and above all else win the confidence they’ve been looking for. This exclusive challenge runs every three months and is subject to availability, placement is limited.

The challenge starts January 1st, but registration starts NOW.

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“My favorite thing about exercise and participating in Weight Loss Rebels is what we realize we are capable of, that perhaps seemed impossible before. A lot of the women in these challenges have families, young children, demanding jobs, sick family members, or maybe even are recovering from a health issue or surgery themselves. And yet look at all of you persevere!”
– Elyse

Full Body
I was on the fence about signing up for HCH 10 – but Obar and Meg developed a fitness program that I could do during my 8-week non-weight bearing recovery and a number of exercises I could add as I was able.  I was really focused on the macros since I could only really control what went in my mouth.  The other Hotties and the leaders were unbelievable…so supportive and caring … they kept me from sitting on my ass feeling sorry for myself.  Thanks to them I was able to lose about 18.5 pounds and just over 14 inches during the 12-week challenge. – Mary C.