How the heck do rebels and Hardcore Hotties manage to get so much protein in their diets?
Linsey from Hardcore Hottie Volume 8 came up with this quick, easy, and super high protein meal that helps her meet her goals without much struggle.  It’s also tasty as Hell!

Oh yea, and it has 60g+ PROTEIN!!!!

Chicken breast 7 oz, stuffed with spinach, 50g of ham and 15g of goat cheese. C9F7P63.

Chicken breast beaten flat and tossed in shake and bake (or ground flaxseed) then layered with spinach, ham and goat cheese. Folded over (use tooth picks to secure) and baked for 35-40 mins at 425.

Chicken breast 7 oz, stuffed with spinach
50g of ham
15g of goat cheese.

Cals = 351
63 protein

9g carbs
7g fat