Well, here I am 37 years old and still trying to figure out life. As it turns out, it’s a life long journey due to the fact life is ever changing. Some things you can control, some you cannot. I’d like to say I’ve adapted to motherhood and balancing life- but, if you’re a mom you just laughed! That said, we have a good thing going. We will in a small mountain town- everything is walkable and bike-able. Both my kids are active (4 and 6). They bike, ski, and romp like most kids;) Over all, I have a very active lifestyle along with my family. On my own, I also mountain bike, downhill ski, and horseback ride (English) as hobbies. image1
Still, life can throw you curve balls, and it’s dealing with those curve balls that I’m working on. There’s minor curve balls- like catching a cold, or non stop rainy days (which suck when you’re an outdoor person). Then there are more challenging curve balls, like a loved one facing hardships or realizing your faced with a life long physical challenge. It’s the later that’s gotten me down the last year. I had my second knee surgery this spring to remove abnormal cell growth (aka a tumor). It’s non-malignant, but causes me mobility issues which limits my ability to enjoy activities pain free. Now 2.5 years ago when I had the first tumor removed it was like freedom was given to me- I healed quickly and regained all my movement! This last time it didn’t go as smoothly. In addition to being bummed that it came back (and will likely again)- I am 6 months out still recovering and working on getting back my mobility and strength. This has been a mental mind f*ck.

I’ve been chugging along side Obar and the rest of the team (and fellow Hotties) at a pace much slower than in the past… But I’m here- slowly making changes, slowly getting my fitness closer to where I like it. Adapting as need be. I’ve been surviving. I’ve accepted there are times in life we work to survive and there are times in life we truly thrive. I’m working my way back to a place where I thrive! Because I refuse to give in and give up!

A big thank you to all the women and men who have supported me and inspired me through these past 6 months! You’re all truly amazing people!!! xox