With the new year here, we start to see a lot of “Juice Diets/Detoxes” appear.

A couple notes on them:
-They don’t rid your “toxins”.
-They’re more expensive than any explanation could give for them.
-They are basically sugar/carbs in a glass with vitamins.
-Eating fruits and veggies would give you more value, plus it would fill you up.
-If you really feel like you have “toxins” building up, eat healthier for a good amount of time and let your organs do their work as usual. If your organs aren’t working right, go to the hospital asap.
-They don’t make you lose weight (besides initial water weight at first), and if you do lose weight from juice/detox outside of the water weight, that means you’re taking in less calories than you were before starting them, which could have been done with food.

These are facts, not our opinion.

For the studies you can refer to: