A bio, how the heck do I write a bio?

Macros, what the heck are Macros?

Exercise, I know what it is, but I love food!

Hi my name is Amanda T., I am a wife and stay at home mother of 2.
Amanda T.

To keep it short I will give you a fast run down of my life.

I was a skinny kids growing up. I hit my teens and that changed. I have spent my adult life confident in myself but always hoping and trying to be a fitter me.

In my early 20’s I joined Weight Watchers and a gym, I got to my lowest weight that I can remember, 154lb, but because of the program and my lack of interest in counting points for the rest of my life I could not maintain it.

In 2008 I had my first child and in 2010 I had my second. As expected with having children, I had some fluctuation in weight, but all said and done after my second pregnancy I was around 184lbs.

In late 2013 I told my husband I wanted to do a try-a-tri, he teased me and that lit a fire in me! I am competitive by nature so of course I was going to prove him wrong! In the New Year of 2014, I began my training and in the process lost around 18lbs. Both of my try-a-tri’s were in May and I did very well, but after those goals were completed and summer in full swing, I managed to gain a few of those pounds back.

In November of 2014, I decided enough was enough! I was getting on the fitness train, and not getting off. I wanted to get back into the gym, a place I had not been since 2004, so I hired a personal trainer and she was awesome! I did great in the gym, I started to tone up, and began to feel strong, but the weight really was not going anywhere, I needed some help nutritionally, food was my friend!

I had seen Weight Loss Rebels on Facebook and noticed the fees were less than the cost of a trainer and a fitness nutritionist, so I just had to try it! It looked like a great opportunity to get fitness and fitness nutrition support in one place. With the support of the Hardcore Hotties family, my family and friends I feel I have truly succeeded. I have lost 14lbs, and 9.5 inches, but I have gained so much more! I now know what macros are, and that by following them, I am eating what my body needs to fuel itself, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My success with the Hardcore Hottie program has only strengthened my desire to live a long, strong, healthy life, for myself, and my family!

I will be forever grateful to the Weight Loss Rebels and Hardcore Hotties!

Love, A