Winner of the Hardcore Hottie Challenge V11 is ….

Elyse Mowle!

img_2670Elyse is a returner to the challenges, but she really brought her A-game this time around. She did an amazing job by staying consistent, working her ass off, and to top it off she really encouraged other members along the way.

“My favorite thing about exercise and participating in Weight Loss Rebels is what we realize we are capable of, that perhaps seemed impossible before. A lot of the women in these challenges have families, young children, demanding jobs, sick family members, or maybe even are recovering from a health issue or surgery themselves. And yet look at all of you persevere!” – Elyse
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2nd Place was Amanda M.
Amanda was a first time participant and learned that her past dieting history was just too restrictive and that she wasn’t eating enough up until now where she has enough fuel to actually love training.

3rd Place was Amanda T.
Another returner to the challenge, Amanda T. really came full circle. During the challenge she was able to enjoy summer bbqs and other occasions while maintaining all the progress that she had made in previous challenges. 

Also want to give a big shout out to the amazing LDR, Mary Cooke, and the rest of the members.

Congrats! This group was quieter than most, but they all came out with a victory in our eyes. They achieved so much and we are so proud of them all!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing many of you in 2017 when we start the all new Rockin’ Rebel Challenge.
(Details to come soon, and registration to open up December 1st)rockin-rebels-jpg