images (2)There are truly a plethora of reasons why I hate The BIggest Loser. I don’t often use the word hate, but I fucking HATE that show, for a few reasons. Let’s start with number one; it promotes the ‘diet is punishment’ and ‘exercise sucks’ mentality. America already thinks that diets suck and exercise is hard, The Biggest Loser exploits that like no other. They take what should be about love and respect for one’s body and turn it into an all out gladiator match between the mental and the physical, any trainer worth their salt knows that truly successful programs nourishes BOTH facets.

Americans already hate themselves. They already think they’re fat. They already have disordered eating habits. The Biggest Loser is all of the negative thought and behaviour patterns surrounding food amplified ad nauseum for the glory of TV. The raging trainers, the tears, the brutal workouts, the rabbit food. It all feeds into the stereotype that being healthy is HARD and being healthy is PAINFUL. Well it isn’t painful when you do it the right way. I would love nothing more than to have a team of my own sitting next to the rabbit food eaters ploughing through bacon and eggs and still losing fat without deprivation. But that’s not good for ratings now is it? Overweight people eating delicious food and working out moderately? Sounds fucking booooooooooooring.

The Biggest Loser puts its contestants into a controlled environment. No take out restaurants or convenience stores here. Their food is prepared for them and they have no access to the outside world; how fucking realistic is that? How relevant is that to the everyday? It isn’t. And that’s a problem. They are trying to teach people that this kind of lifestyle is maintainable when it’s the furthest thing from the truth. No one lives without temptation, you need to learn to deal with it and create tools to manage your temptations, THAT’S what success looks like. It isn’t having your meals carefully prepared and weighed and having millions of people watch you eat them.

Another big problem (pun intended) that I have with The Biggest Loser is that it sets an absolutely insane standard for how much weight one should lose over a period of time. Some of these people drop ten pounds in a WEEK. A FUCKING WEEK! That’s insane! Is it possible for extremely overweight people to lose that much that quickly? Maybe. But it’s sure as fuck sending a message to the average population that they should also be able to lose that much, and if they don’t, they’re a fucking failure just like the losers that get kicked off the show. You BEST be losing ten pounds a week or your ass is bottom of the totem pole my friend. What an absolutely atrocious message to send. Here you have regular people who lose two pounds in a week and are disappointed, DISAPPOINTED! There’s so much wrong with that kind of thinking that it’s hard to know where to start. Success isn’t measured by pounds on the scale, and losing any amount of weight is an accomplishment and should be celebrated. Hell even weight gain should sometimes be celebrated!

Now you have the exercise component. Hugely obese, very unhealthy individuals put through gruelling exercises that even the most athletic would have difficulty doing. How stressful do you think that is on their bodies? On their minds? If the goal is overall health then we most certainly shouldn’t be encouraging individuals to exert themselves way above and beyond their physical ability; talk about a recipe for injury. When someone has a significant amount of weight to lose it is paramount to start off slow and to progressively increase the intensity and duration to match their ability. You need to push the envelope occasionally sure, but telling a 400 pound individual to do wind sprints? Asinine.

To round this whole mess off you have an ass clown like Bob Harper spewing nonsense to women about an 800 calorie ‘special occasion’ diet so they can starve themselves into a wedding dress. Fuck you Bob Harper. What the hell kind of education do you have that taught you that kind of drivel? And how dare you use your position of influence to tell women to under-eat so drastically. Are you going to be around when those same women gain 20 pounds after losing 10? You’re an idiot.

I like the idea that The Biggest Loser is trying to promote health and activity, but it’s literally accomplishing that by setting the worst example of all time. It would be nice of FOR ONCE Hollywood took the public into consideration when packaging together their reality crap shows, but alas, no one gets rich off of education.

Meg aka Fit Bitch